Amalfi is a constant appeal to tourists from all over the world, longing for light and beauty, a place of perpetual spring. Shades of colour that vary from hour to hour, make this a sea absolutely unique. In this corner of paradise , history and legend are intertwined, overlap and create an inseparable unity. According to tradition, Hercules, the pagan god of strength, loved a nymph called Amalfi, but his love was short-lived: she died and Hercules wanted to bury her in the most beautiful place in the world and to immortalize her, he gave her name to the city ​​he built there..
According to historical sources, however, Amalfi was founded after the death of Constantine. It draws its origins from Roman families who, sailing to Constantinople, were swept away by the storm in the Gulf of Policastro. They founded a "Melphes", the current Melfi, then moved further north, took up residence in Amalfi, establishing it as the "A-Melphis."

Writers, poets and artists have tried for centuries to capture the essence of the sweet life in Amalfi, a dream that seems not to be real, but becomes nostalgically true as you leave. Like the poet Renato Fucini said: "the day of judgment for Amalfitans who go to Heaven will be a day like any other".

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